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GQG Partners

Investment-led culture

The investment management business is one of the most competitive in the world. Operating in these markets requires total commitment and intense focus, as well as a growth mindset and a continuous desire to learn, adapt, and grow. In order to maintain the required intensity, our emphasis must be on delivering as a team. Our culture revolves around performance, growth, and teamwork.

Who We Are


As the largest investor group in GQG, our employees feel a profound sense of privilege and honor in managing our clients’ money. This alignment enables us to provide valuable and transparent insights, assisting our clients in making informed decisions.


We believe adaptability is fundamental to helping compound capital for our clients. Our Forward-Looking Quality approach allows us to stay at the forefront of changing market environments.


We believe in challenging conventions and embracing diverse perspectives to drive innovation and construct portfolios that stand the test of time through underlying quality and durable companies.


Our top priority is delivering superior performance for our clients through a focus on compounding capital and managing downside risk.

At GQG Partners, we believe in client alignment which is forged through meaningful co-investment in the same products as our clients.

Rajiv Jain, Founder & CIO


GQG specializes in long-only equities. The firm manages over US$100 billion in client assets in Global, Emerging Markets, International, and US strategies.