GQG Partners Raises Over US$5 Billion One Year After Its Launch

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—June 9, 2017—One year after its founding, GQG Partners LLC announces that it now oversees client assets in excess of US$5.3 billion, a display of remarkable growth.

GQG Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Rajiv Jain’s passion for equity investing led him to establish the firm in June 2016. Strong client alignment is one of the principles on which the firm was founded.

“Managing another person’s wealth is a privilege and an honor. We fundamentally believe that the best way to ensure long-term client focus is to invest our own capital in the same strategies, right beside our clients’ assets,” said Mr. Jain, who has invested a large majority of his personal net worth into GQG Partners’ strategies. “We also invested meaningfully into the business right from the beginning to build a world-class institutional platform and assemble a team of senior experts, with a diversity of thoughts and experiences.”

More than 100 institutional clients across the globe have already invested in GQG Partners’ strategies. There has been a strong response from people who have followed Mr. Jain’s hands-on approach for years, many of them have never previously invested with him before.

An Experienced Portfolio Manager at the Helm

GQG’s exceptional growth is a testament to the track record of Mr. Jain, who is extremely well-versed in the inherent volatility of emerging markets, over the past two decades. His in-depth understanding of emerging markets is rooted in the unique approach that he and his diverse team of analysts apply to investment selection.

“We create a portfolio of companies that we believe have long-term growth prospects which aren’t strongly correlated to macroeconomic conditions,” explained Mr. Jain. “Our approach is rooted in adaptability and independent thought, allowing us to navigate inflection points over the long term.”

GQG teamed up with Goldman Sachs Asset Management to launch the Goldman Sachs GQG Partners International Opportunities Fund (GSIHX) in December 2016. The Fund’s strategy involves investing in a concentrated group of high-quality companies across developed and emerging markets. The Fund, which is sub-advised by GQG and distributed by Goldman Sachs, seeks to outperform comparable international funds over a full market cycle while taking less risk. Additional information about the Fund can be found at:

At the same time, GQG Partners launched its own GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund (GQGIX), which seeks long-term capital appreciation in the emerging markets. More information about the Fund is available at:

In Europe, GQG Partners launched the GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund (GGQEMAU:ID), a sub-fund of GQG Global UCITS ICAV, an Irish UCITS structure, in February 2017. The European Fund seeks to deliver attractive, benchmark-agnostic returns over the course of a full market cycle by investing in high-quality, large-cap companies in emerging markets.

The UCITS Fund has crossed the US$100 million AUM threshold and is quickly approaching US$150 million as of this writing, creating high expectations for future growth in Europe. More information about the Fund is available at:

Mr. Jain joined GQG Partners in June 2016 after having worked for Vontobel Asset Management since November 1994. Under Mr. Jain’s investment leadership, Vontobel Asset Management grew from less than US$400 million in assets under management in 2002 to nearly US$50 billion in assets under management in 2016.

Mr. Jain served as Co-Chief Executive Officer of Vontobel beginning in July 2014, and Chief Investment Officer and Head of Equities since February 2002. Mr. Jain was the sole Portfolio Manager of Vontobel’s International Equities and Emerging Markets Equities products since 2002 and 1997, respectively, and served as lead Portfolio Manager of the Global Equities product beginning in 2002 until his departure in March 2016.

About GQG Partners

GQG Partners LLC is a boutique investment management firm focused on global and emerging markets equities. We rely on a team of traditional and non-traditional analysts—who possess backgrounds in fields such as investigative journalism and forensic accounting—to challenge the short-term projections and backward-looking dogma that often dominate market discourse. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA, we strive for excellence at all levels of our organization through a commitment to in-depth knowledge of the markets as well as independent thinking, continual growth, and giving back to investors and our community. For more information, please visit

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