GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Total Composite and Concentrated Global Equity Composite were awarded 2024 CAMRADATA’s Top Emerging Markets Equity – Growth (USD) and Top Global Growth Large Cap – Growth (USD) asset classes, respectively. 

This marks the second consecutive year that these GQG Partners’ composites have been acknowledged, with the GQG Partners Emerging Markets Equity Total Composite and Concentrated Global Equity Composite being awarded in 2023. 

CAMRADATA’s annual awards recognises top funds using its Independent Quantitative (IQ) score ranking system.1 

Ken Tooze, Director of UK Institutional, said the CAMRADATA awards recognise GQG Partners’ unwavering commitment to our clients. “At GQG Partners, performance is our passion. We strive to be caretakers of investors’ capital and measure our success in terms of our clients’ success. These awards recognise the effectiveness of our investment philosophy, the Forward-Looking Quality approach, and our Research Mosaic. Our commitment is unwavering which is to strive to deliver superior investment results.” 

We believe our Emerging Markets Equity composite links neatly to the compelling growth we see coming from these markets.  We seek to invest in quality companies with attractively priced future growth prospects within emerging markets. The Strategy aims to manage downside risk whilst providing attractive returns to long-term investors over a full market cycle. 

Our Concentrated Global Equity composite focuses primarily on the liquid securities of large-cap issuers in both developed and emerging markets in creating a concentrated portfolio of only approximately 20 securities. We believe this strategy embodies a focused vision with global ambition. GQG believes that concentrated portfolios of high-quality companies with durable earnings, managed in a benchmark-agnostic fashion, will enable them to offer attractive risk-adjusted returns against the market index. 


GQG Partners, LLC is an investment boutique that manages global and emerging market equities for institutions, advisors, and individuals worldwide. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with offices around the world, we are committed to delivering long-only equity strategies with the goal of compounding capital for our clients. With a focus on client alignment, adaptability, and diverse perspectives, we strive to stay attuned to our clients’ needs and continuously seek out new insights to inform our decision-making. GQG Partners manages US$143.3 billion in client assets as of March 31, 2024. For more information, please visit

Any account or fund advised by GQG involves significant risks and is appropriate only for those persons who can bear the economic risk of the complete loss of their investment. There is no assurance that any account or fund will achieve its investment objectives. Accounts and funds are subject to price volatility and the value of a portfolio will change as the prices of investments go up or down. Before investing in a strategy, you should consider the risks of the strategy as well as whether the strategy is appropriate based upon your investment objectives and risk tolerance. 

There may be additional risks associated with international and emerging markets investing involving foreign, economic, political, monetary, and/or legal factors. International investing is not for everyone. You can lose money by investing in securities.   

The CAMRADATA Independent Quantitative (IQ) scores is a ranking reflecting five statistical factors measured over a three-year period. Each factor generates a statistic, which is shown as a percentage or a number in the table. To rank products, the percentile ranking of each factor is determined and an overall master score is calculated. This is a simple average of all percentile rankings for each product across all five factors. Investment products that share the same value for a factor are assigned the same percentile rank within that factor. The highest-scoring products appear at the top of the table. For presentational purposes, we apply a ‘unique sort’ to pick out only the best product for each manager.  The five statistical factors that make up the CAMRADATA IQ score are: 

  1. Excess return: A measure of overall added value. The underlying factor is the annualised excess return over the benchmark. 
  2. Information Ratio: A measure of efficiency. The Information Ratio is the return added by the asset manager for each 1% of risk being taken over the benchmark. Therefore the higher the Information Ratio, the more return being added for the 1% of risk being taken. The underlying factor is calculated by taking the excess return and dividing it by the excess risk. 
  3. Wins-Losses: A measure of the bet structure that a manager is taking. The underlying factor is calculated by taking the average positive relative returns away from the average negative relative returns. Investors use this to identify managers with a low frequency of winning but with a high payoff when a product beats the benchmark. Investors want to see that wins (positive returns) are greater than losses (negative returns), even if the wins are infrequent. 
  4. Hit Rate: A measure of consistency. The underlying factor is the percentage of times the manager beats the benchmark. Generally, you should expect a manager with strong consistency of beating the benchmark to have a probability of beating it greater than 50%. 
  5. Drawdown Strength: A measure of downside management. This measures a product’s worst observed 12-month risk-adjusted relative return. It is in effect analysing the worst Information Ratio for each product in any 12-month period during the three years being measured. More credit is given to asset managers who have had positive 12-month risk-adjusted relative returns and who took less risk to achieve it. While during a 12-month period of negative returns, more credit is given to those asset managers who took more risk, showing they were actively managing their products rather than being passive during these times. 

Past performance may not be indicative of future results. For informational purposes only. The information provided in this document does not constitute investment advice and no investment decision should be made based on it. Neither the information contained in this document or in any accompanying oral presentation is a recommendation to follow any strategy or allocation. In addition, neither is a recommendation, offer or solicitation to sell or buy any security or to purchase of shares in any fund or establish any separately managed account. It should not be assumed that any investments made by GQG Partners LLC (GQG) in the future will be profitable or will equal the performance of any securities discussed herein. Before making any investment decision, you should seek expert, professional advice, including tax advice, and obtain information regarding the legal, fiscal, regulatory and foreign currency requirements for any investment according to the law of your home country, place of residence or current abode.

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